Mediavine eliminates in-banner video, accelerates load times, and improves user experience with PubNation

Mediavine owns and operates large entertainment and food sites like The Hollywood Gossip, while also exclusively representing the advertising inventory of hundreds of the web's premiere women's lifestyle publishers. All together, Mediavine serves hundreds of millions of ad impressions each month.

Bad Ads Ruin the User Experience

Mediavine cares deeply about ad quality. They work with top-tier publishers that entrust Mediavine with their brand. Maintaining a first-class user experience is essential for the publishers and for Mediavine. Eric Hochberger the co-founder of Mediavine, has found that when user experience for a publisher’s website suffers, ads are often the primary culprit:

“We believe ad quality is the reason that advertisements have been ruining the web and why users are installing ad blockers. Whether it's gross or slow ads, bad ads can lead to bad user experiences.”

— Eric Hochberger, Co-Founder and CEO

For publishers that use Mediavine to manage ads, Hochberger aims to differentiate the experience by providing high quality ads that uphold a high standard for user experience.

Waging a War On Bad Ads--And Winning

The programmatic exchanges Mediavine works with have provided significant revenue increases, and while most of the ads are good, some are decidedly not. These ads end up increasing the bounce rate, reducing pages per visit, and ultimately, lowering long term revenue.

PubNation’s platform provided the insights needed to eliminate these harmful ads, starting with slow flash and in-banner video ads. Hochberger noted:

“We've been waging a war against Flash and in-banner video and it previously felt like we were fighting this alone. Now thanks to Pubnation, we have hundreds of publishers submitting video ads to us, and we're able to track down to specific partner and send along related information with just a couple of clicks. For the most part, auto-playing video ads are a thing of the past and we're back to having some of the fastest sites on the Internet.”

Rapid Response To Emerging Issues

With the in-banner video ads under control, the team at Mediavine has created a culture of immediate action when new ad quality issues emerge:

“Pubnation has made it a dream for our publishers to submit bad ads to us. A quick "report ad" button and we're able to find their ad in the queue and have it removed within minutes. No more tracking down HTML, ad partners, and click-thru URLs. We're now able to instantly identify the ad partners, verify it was actually a problem ad and have it submitted to the partner all within the slick Pubnation dashboard. The greatest benefit of running PubNation is having a single dashboard to sift through hundreds of complaints with ridiculously detailed information including a screenshot! Without this dashboard, cleaning up bad ads would have been impossible.”

PubNation allows Mediavine to quickly respond to its blogger’s ad quality concerns on his or her website.
‍PubNation allows Mediavine to quickly respond to its blogger’s ad quality concerns on his or her website.

The insights provided by PubNation have lead to numerous success stories at Mediavine. In one instance, Hochberger recalls:

“Despite our great hygiene, we had a bit of a problem with toenail fungus at Mediavine. For a while, these less-than-appetizing ads were appearing alongside a lot of our food bloggers' recipes. Nothing says tasty quite like a picture of toenail fungus! Normally we would have been left with these pervasive ads and unhappy publishers, but PubNation helped us quickly track down these ads through the AOL Marketplace and we had the buyer banned that same hour.”

Working with PubNation, Mediavine has been able to tackle ad quality issues, increase satisfaction among its publishers, and deliver a better user experience on its publisher websites, ultimately leading to long term increases in page views and revenue.

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