Sporcle uses Pubnation to Increase Pageviews Through Improved Site Performance and User Experience

With a collection of over a million user-generated quizzes on every topic imaginable (and almost 2 billion plays), Sporcle is an internet-trivia force to be reckoned with.

Sporcle increases site traffic with improved ad quality from PubNation

Sporcle's creators take pride in their users––and with good reason. Sporcle visitors aren't just consuming information created by a small group of writers or content creators––they're providing the content and consuming it simultaneously. Sporcle's footer even has a running ticker of how many quizzes have been played to date. At Sporcle, the user is king.

Website Performance is Key for Sporcle’s Interactive User Base

Sporcle's million-plus user generated quizzes are monetized via programmatic display ads. With user-centric content at its core, Sporcle battled with maintaining good user experience and serving a wide range of programmatic partners simultaneously. Slow-to-serve advertisers and ad-driven page timeouts were shortening user sessions and pushing users to download ad-blockers. 

We don’t want [our users] to feel they must resort to an ad blocker to continue to enjoy the site 

— Ali Aydar, CEO of Sporcle.

Because Sporcle’s content is so interactive, page performance issues have a disproportionate impact on user experience. Slow page performance and timeouts were causing users to grow increasingly frustrated with user experience issues caused by ads.

PubNation's Invaluable Data Combats Bad Ads

It was clear that Sporcle needed more insight into which ads were being displayed on their site. With PubNation, they did just that.

The data is invaluable. As ads vary from location to location, we now can get data on ads which we would never see on our office machines

— says Aydar. 

But in true Sporcle fashion, they weren't doing all the heavy lifting themselves–they got their users to contribute too: “The tools are intuitive and easy to use. It’s easy for us to instruct our users on how to report ads.”

In just four months with PubNation, Sporcle has blocked over 5,000 bad ads.

In addition to user complaints, PubNation allows Sporcle to use various filters, sorting options, and custom data parameters to efficiently tackle problematic ads. With the complaint forwarding tool, Sporcle is also now able to contact users that submit ad complaints––seamlessly integrating PubNation’s reporting with customer service.

PubNation Propels Sporcle to its Highest Page Views to Date

Sporcle implemented PubNation in January 2016, and the results are striking: as of May 2016, Sporcle is at its highest traffic levels ever. While there are multiple factors involved in their boost in traffic, ad quality is one of the biggest.

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"Giving users the option to report rogue ads lets them know we truly care about their experience on our properties. PubNation makes resolving issues so much easier."

Emry Downinghall

VP, Advertising

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