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Ad Speed

How to Measure the Cost of Ads

Ad ops has traditionally been focused on one metric: revenue. Revenue is the ad ops north star, the guiding light, the arbiter of decisions. It's how we evaluate, prioritize, and judge the effectiv...

Do Slow Ads Pay More?

As a publisher, slow loading ads negatively impact the user experience for our visitors. And unfortunately, the type of ads that partners are most eager to run, like video and rich media

Study of 101 Websites Finds Ad Blocking Leads to 2X Improvement in Load Times

Users don't like slow websites. Studies have repeatedly found that as websites slow down, people visit fewer pages, buy fewer goods, and engage less often with content. But the backlash against slow

Why We Blocked In-Banner Video Ads

Video ad demand is hot. So hot, in fact, that standard ad units are being converted into video ad units, giving birth to the widespread phenomenon of in-banner video. The revenue gains can be drama...