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Price Floor Optimization Using Continuous Experimentation

In this blog post, we share our latest strategy for optimizing price floors. Our prior articles have showcased work we’ve done on price floor theory, busted auctions in ad exchanges, and the result...

Do Slow Ads Pay More?

As a publisher, slow loading ads negatively impact the user experience for our visitors. And unfortunately, the type of ads that partners are most eager to run, like video and rich media

Google’s Busted Auctions

A busted auction occurs when an auction has no bidders, or worse, when there’s only one bidder. Auctions use other buyers to establish price pressure, and if there aren’t other buyers in the auction

Price Floor Optimization in AdX

On, we were shocked by a recent report we ran in Google’s Ad Exchange showing that the average Winning Bid CPM for a slice of our traffic was $3.74, while the average Close CPM--the...

Header Bidder Optimization: When Ads Compete, You Win

In the past two months, we've radically overhauled our programmatic advertising stack on, shifting our focus to header bidding advertisers--advertisers that submit the price they wi...

A/B Testing Advertising: A Playbook for Publishers

Six months ago we launched an A/B testing framework for our site,, that has allowed us to make ad ops decisions smarter, faster, and with measurable improvements to revenue. Our fir...