Top Publishers Use PubNation to Manage Ad Quality

"We don’t want [our users] to feel they must resort to an ad blocker to continue to enjoy the site."

Ali Aydar

CEO of Sporcle

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"Giving users the option to report rogue ads lets them know we truly care about their experience on our properties. PubNation makes resolving issues so much easier."

Emry Downinghall

VP, Advertising

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"By using PubNation, we're able to test more partners and remove bad campaigns without cutting our large demand pools. We've raised revenue 20% through our new programmatic partners."

Ahmed Karim

Ad Operations Lead

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"PubNation makes it so easy to get ad issues resolved faster than it would take us to search the site, get the code and send it over to the offending party. We save up to 60 hours each month by using PubNation."

Katie Steiner

Director, Programmatic and Ad Operations

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"If you care about ad quality, PubNation will pay for itself several times over in time saved tracking down bad ads."

Eric Hochberger


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"PubNation has been a great tool to help us combat the unsavory ads that show up on our network. Implementation was painless, and it gives our users an easy way to report bad ads. PubNation saves us time from having to track down the ad ourselves!"

Sandi Differding-Eaton

Ad Operations Coordinator

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