Tools for Ad Transparency

See how PubNation gives publishers unprecedented insight into the ads served on their sites

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Detailed Complaint Reports

Detailed reports from users allow publishers to experience in real time what the users are seeing on the website.

User Complaint

Hear feedback directly from your users about the ads that appear on your site.

Partner Information

Know which partner served the ad in question without searching through lines of code.

Screenshot Replay Technology

Validate the complaints you receive through PubNation's Screenshot Replay Technology.

Ad Speed Measurement

See which ads are loading large files or making too many requests through PubNation's Ad Speed Measurement.

Ad Server Information

See exact information from your ad server about the partner, campaign, and CPM associated with the bad ad.

Ad Call

Expedite the removal of bad ads by providing partners a complete ad call for each reported ad.

24/7 Monitoring of Website Performance

Understand the performance impact that each ad has on your site through PubNation's ad speed metrics. No more guessing about which ads are causing site performance problems!

In-depth Ad Network Integrations

Get fast resolution on ad quality issues with in-depth integrations with advertising networks.


Save time and ensure fast resolution through PubNation's automated complaint delivery. Send your partners all complaints or only ones that violate specific guidelines. PubNation gives you total control.

Internal Reporting Extension

Quickly identify and prioritize ad complaints reported by your colleagues with the PubNation Internal Reporting extension. Internal ad reporting has never been easier.

Bad Ad Database

PubNation's proprietary Bad Ad Database houses a growing number of ads known to damage user experience. PubNation uses this database to intelligently monitor your site 24/7 for known offenders. Once a match is made, PubNation automatically alerts you and the responsible partner. Day or night, PubNation has your back.


Mobile Redirect Detection

Mobile redirects annoy users and decrease publisher revenue. PubNation's Mobile Redirect Detection exposes the source of these redirects so publishers can quickly remove them.