November 23, 2016

Best Practices for Handling User Complaints

User complaints are a powerful tool for capturing and removing bad ads. Our publishers have shared their tips and tricks for best utilizing this important feature.

Create Alerts for High Priority Complaints

Some bad ads have the power to drive away users for good. When you have an ad emergency, make sure your team is alerted so that it can be resolved as soon as possible. One great way to shorten the time between complaint and removal is to set up automatic email alerts for complaints with particular categorizations like  inappropriate content or auto-play audio. You and your ad partner will be notified immediately when a complaint is submitted.  

Archive Complaints to Remove Irrelevant User Complaints

Users sometimes complain because they dislike all ads, not just because a particular ad violated your ad guidelines. If that’s the case, simply archive irrelevant complaints to remove them from your queue. You can also archive any complaints you have already forwarded to your ad partner. (Note: the same bad ad creatives can come from multiple campaigns. You may receive multiple complaints with the same creative and different ad data.)

Star Complaints to Bookmark High Priority Ads

As you review user complaints, star the complaints that are highest priority. If your team has multiple people working on ad quality, starred complaints make it easy to prioritize ad issues across the team.

Forward Complaint within PubNation

Forward complaints to your ad partners directly from the PubNation dashboard. Each complaint has a forwarding button to make it easy to send complaints directly to your ad partners for removal.

Keeping Track of Forwarded Complaints

When you utilize the forwarding feature within the PubNation Dashboard, copy yourself or a teammate on the email to track the removal of the bad ad. If you have multiple complaints to share with a particular ad partner, copy and paste the “share” link on each complaint to compile one email to send to your partner.

Take Action on Complaints without Screenshots

If a complaint doesn’t contain a screenshot of the ad creative, review the ad call for relevant data that can be forwarded to your ad partner. If the ad call contains no relevant data, simply archive the complaint. If it is a recurring problem, contact PubNation support.

For further guidance on complaints actions, visit the following page: