November 23, 2016

Best Practices for Handling User Complaints

User complaints are a powerful tool for capturing and removing bad ads. Our publishers have shared their tips and tricks for best utilizing this important feature.

Make the most of alerts by creating automatic emails to notify you and your partner when an ad violates your policies. Save time, effort, and energy monitoring your ad quality. PubNation can monitor, alert, and deliver ads that violate your performance requirements to your ad partner’s account manager automatically. Let your partners work on your behalf to rid of your site of low quality ads.

Getting Started

Not sure where to start with alerts? Try these “formulas” to start receiving alerts for autoplay video ads, large ads, slow-to-load ads, inappropriate content, and ads containing tracking pixels:

Focus: Eliminating Autoplay Video Ads

  • Sample Alert: Video is Present AND File Size greater than 1000 [1MB]
  • Sample Alert: Category contains Autoplay Audio

Focus: Eliminating Large Ads

  • Sample Alert: File Size (kb) is greater than 5,000 [ads bigger than 5MB] AND resources are greater than 100

Focus: Eliminating Slow-to-load Ads

  • Sample Alert: Time to Viewable is greater than 10 seconds [ads that takes more than 10 seconds to become viewable]

Focus: Eliminating Inappropriate Content

  • Sample Alert: Category contains Inappropriate Content

Focus: Specific Tracking Pixels

  • Sample Alert: Resources Domain contains “”

Please note that an email will be sent for each individual ad detected by PubNation’s scans and complaints. Specific alerts will help reduce the number of emails you receive. 

Be Specific when Naming Alerts

Each alert should be assigned to a specific ad problem. Ideally, these alerts will be sent across your internal ad team and to your ad partners. Starting with a clear and specific alert name will help your team to understand exactly which problems are occurring.

Directly deliver bad ads to partners

Alerts can be directly delivered to your ad quality contact via email. If you have exact guidelines on your ad quality including size of the ad, specific pixels that show up on the ad, you can set up the alert and add your advertising partner’s email to the alert.

Set the “partner contains” parameters to  “rubicon”, “pubmatic”, etc. - This alert setting is great if you’re working with ad partners that have the ability to provide automatic markers on the ad call to identify themselves. It works especially well with passbacks. Our preferred method is with Prebid wrapper integration.

Setup the “DFP advertisers contains” parameters to “13645819” - This alert setting is great if you don’t have passbacks and know each line item is associated with a specific partner. You can look up partner IDs in your DFP account.