November 23, 2016

Best Practices for Handling User Complaints

User complaints are a powerful tool for capturing and removing bad ads. Our publishers have shared their tips and tricks for best utilizing this important feature.

Focus on Overall Performance of Individual Pages

Organize your checks to monitor the performance of individual page templates across multiple user agents and devices:

  • Recommended number of checks: 2 minimum / 5 ideal
  • Create checks based on the user agent and device type for all article pages
  • Name checks according to the user agent / pages checked
  • Set up checks with the same article page / template across user agents (iPhone, Android, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer) to monitor performance across user agents
  • Compare individual check performance to quickly isolate potential ad problems across multiple platforms on the same site

Monitoring of performance of the entire site

Include multiple sites into one check to maximize the coverage of the scan checks. Setup with multiple user agents. Separate out the individual sites for easier diagnosis:

  • Recommended number of checks: 2 minimum / 8 recommended
  • Create checks based on user agents for different templates
  • Name checks according to the user agent / pages checked
  • Set up the checks with multiple user agents or set up checks on similar user agents across different sites

Benchmark against competitors

Interested in your performance against your competitors? Set up a check on your competitor's site:

  • Recommended number of checks: 4 minimum
  • Set up a mobile and desktop check for your site. Set up 2 checks with the same user agents for your competitor’s site
  • If you have multiple competitors, for best use, set up one competitor per check.
  • Aggregated data on the dashboard can quickly signal your performance vs. your competitors’

For more information on scan checks, you can access the Pubnation FAQ page: