November 23, 2016

Best Practices for Handling User Complaints

User complaints are a powerful tool for capturing and removing bad ads. Our publishers have shared their tips and tricks for best utilizing this important feature.

At PubNation, we strive to help you surface the ads that are violating your policies, reducing your site performance, and degrading user experience. To help you quickly identify problematic ads, we have created the following filters for the ads our platform detects to help you pinpoint the problems and arrive at the solution.

Ensure Partners are Following Through with Your Requests – Filter by “Alert Sent”

Keep track of which ads are triggering automatic alerts by filtering via “Alerts Sent” filter.  This filter is a great way to check up on partners who might consistently deliver the same bad ads after they’ve received notifications that the ad violates your guidelines.

Get Rid of Video and Flash Ads on Your Site – Filter by “Video” and “Flash”

Are you concerned that flash and auto-play video ads are appearing on your site? Filter your complaints using the “Video” and “Flash” filters to quickly isolate ads with video or flash files in the creative.

Make Sure Ads are Loading Quickly – Filter by “Time to Viewable”

Ads taking too long to load? PubNation now allows you to filter for “Time to Viewable” restrictions. Simply enter your viewability threshold to see how long it took for the ad to become viewable. For more information, please see our help guide here.

Review Large Ads – Filter by “Number of Resources” and “Ad Size”

Suspect that your site is displaying ads that are way over your size guidelines? Now you can filter by “Resource Count” and “Ad Size.” Monitor this metric regularly to ensure that your ads follow your resource guidelines.

We encourage you to use these filters in any combination with our existing filters or each other to help you locate the ads that most bother your site. As always, you can direct any questions or feedback at