Apply to PubNation — an exclusive ad management platform. Please submit a new application for each site you own and our team will be in touch.

I - General Information

We cannot accept sites on or URLs from Instagram and other social media sites.

II - Ad Management
Have you ever applied to PubNation or Mediavine for this site before?

Are you applying for ad management on an existing PubNation-approved site that you've purchased?

Do you currently own a site running PubNation or Mediavine ads?

If yes, please enter your site's URL.

Are you currently under contract for exclusive ad representation?
After joining PubNation, you will be required to take down all existing ads on both desktop and mobile.
III - Site Analytics
According to Google Analytics, how many sessions have you had the last 30 days? (How do I check my session count?)
Please enter your sessions, not page views.
PubNation requires at least 1 million sessions / month to get you approved with all of our ad partners.
Please note that we cannot currently accept GA4 reports. You must be running the legacy Google Analytics in order for your application to be processed.
IV - Platform
Please select the CMS (content management system) you are currently using.
V - Referral
How did you hear about PubNation?
Please share the name of the publisher or publication if a friend referred you! If you met us or one of our partner publishers at an event, please list the event.
  Application Submitted